Busme! has shut down

Unfortunately, Busme! could no longer be made viable with significant costs and also MapQuest has ceased their map tile delivery, for which we were very grateful for. With nobody willing to pay, nothing last forever. It was a good project while it lasted.

Good luck paying for Nextbus!

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Busme! News

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing some problems with our Website, specifically Dreamhost, which is housing our javascripts. You may be experiencing problems viewing our maps. However, mobile apps should be fine. We will be implementing a failover shortly. Thanks for

We previously released a version of the Busme iPhone app for internal beta testing. Although, it was iO7 compatible you needed iOS8 to download it. Duh, so we went to “External” beta testing, which we had to wait for approval

We are currently looking for Beta testers for our iPhone/iPad app version. Unfortunately, due to the development process (and a few other reasons) we are only able to handle iOS 8. If you would like to help us out, please

We here at Busme! wish you a happy and great new year to come!

There is an update to the Busme! mobile app on Google Play. This updated version (0.33.1) contains some rendering speed enhancements and resolves a bug that was causing Journeys to get removed and replaced often. There are some display enhancements

Thanks to Mapquest for a quick response.

Mapquest is experiencing problems with their HTTPS access to their sites, rendering our mobile app without the background maps. We hope to get them to resolve this problem resolved shortly. Otherwise, we’ll have to update the app not to use

New feature: You can move the “routes list” in and out of the way just by shaking the device. We’ve also fixed some slowness issues in the scrolling of the routes list and with pan and zoom of the map.

New Feature Buses that are scheduled to leave more than 10 minutes before their starting time may show up in the navigation list. They will be indicated with a blue circle icon. If the item is pressed the starting location

Check it out at http://busme.us/marthas-vineyard-ma. We were able to put Vineyard Regional Transit System in Martha’s Vineyard on line solely from processing their GTFS file. This procedure took just about a half an hour to create a site and analyze their GTFS

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Why Not?

Getting Started

Equipment Picture


We supply the Busme! service and our Busme! Android and iPhone applications. You acquire all your own equipment. The good part is, the only equipment you need is a smart cell phone with Global Positioning System (GPS) location capability, which you may already have! You do need a wireless data plan for the phone, and, of course, you need wireless data/phone service in your area where the buses are traveling. Other than that, you are good to go.


Getting started is relatively easy. You don't have to be a computer programmer or even a transportation expert, but you do need to have some computer skills. Essentially, you need to be able to drop and move icons around on a map, much like using Google Maps for creating directions. You also need to use a basic spreadsheet program such as, MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

You get started by clicking here, create an account, and then create your very own Busme! transportation site!

Go Create A New Site

How it Works


Create a Busme! Site

Click here, sign-up, and create a Busme! site for your transit operation.

We will spend some time creating your site, allocating some computing resources, and getting the site ready for you to begin.

Draw Your Routes

You will use our Journey Builder Tool to draw out the route for a typical vehicle journey. It gives you back a SpreadSheet File.

You do this procedure for as many routes and directions you have in your system.

Fill in the Times

The Journey Builder Tool gives you a spreadsheet file with the bus stops you created in the columns. Each line is a vehicle along that route. You fill in the times underneath each bus stop. The spreadsheet looks much like a typical bus schedule.

Upload the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet file is the definition of your system. You feed it back to us, and we analyze it for errors. If no errors, you can "publish" your system as up and running, and your transit system will immediately start modeling your schedule.

Open The App

Sign-on to your Busme! Account.

Look for the routes and buses near you.

Get on the Bus.


Select the bus you are on from the list.

Begin reporting locations for that Bus.

World Domination

Concerned People

Busme! can be deployed on any route based transit system where there is public information about routes and schedules. All it takes is some concerned individuals or group to map out the routes and fill in the scheduled times.

Free for Public Use

Busme! offers its service for free to the public implementation for small public transit systems. We also offer free trials for small systems to transit operators to get experience with the Busme! system.

Busme! is Global

Busme! is not restricted to the US. In fact, we'd like to get some more non-US locations. Most of the world is mapped out, so finding routes through the streets of small towns anywhere in the world is fairly easy with our Journey Builder Tool.

Crowdsourcing Locations

Getting people with Android Phones and iPhones that are on particular buses to report their GPS locations through the Busme! App. We collect their GPS locations, do some validity analysis, and everybody benefits about knowing where the buses are. Getting enough people to "play the game" means greater accuracy of the real-time bus locations.

Get Started Today

You get started by clicking here, create an account, and then create your very own Busme! transportation site!

Go Create A New Site

Enterprise Integration

Transit Systems

Busme! can be deployed for your particular transit system. We are willing to work with you to automate the process and integrate your route systems with ours. We already accept Google's GTFS files.

Trusted GPS Locations

Getting GPS location from your riders may be a way to go, but you might not trust the information. We do our best to mitigate "bad" players. However, it may be better to get the information from a trusted source, such as a smart phone or tablet computer given to the driver or attached to the vehicle.

GPS Integration

You may be able to put a smart phone or table onto the vehicle, but we won't rule you out because you have some other GPS technology attached to your vehicle. We are currently working on adapters that feed our location systems with GPS locations from Trackstar(tm) and BusTime(tm). We will be willing to work with you on your particular GPS system, or enhance the ones we have to your needs.

Data Collection

We may be able to help with some reporting requirements. We can collect GPS data from your vehicles and be able to give you on time analysis reports.

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